News and events from That Amazing Thing! the Manchester (UK) based club night
Muziki sessions poster

The Amazing! sleep of winter 2018/19 is done! We are here, awake & right at you with:

Mega guest appearance for the boys of Modern Logic & Muziki Sessions on Friday 12th April. These guys earned rave reviews at our Castle party last autumn, now we’re in their house as they host a fantastic Detroit themed night across multiple floors at Stage & Radio. Hell yeah!)

On Sunday May 5th we reckon (not buttoned down yet) to be involved in a well-loved event that’s taken place in town that bank hol Sunday for a fantastic 15 years now. Happy birthday Now when we say “town” which town do we mean?

Getting more speculative mega friend of the Amazing massive Hamish (who has also served up the most storming set on a Castle Saturday night) is doing big things down The London. One such thing is scheduled for June, but date isn’t set yet & until it is we don’t know if it will clash with one of Francis’ many running adventures. Watch this space.

And as a few always need to know early, as they 100% are booking the time off work so as not to miss our Amazing! Castle Party: This year's dates October 4th to 6th X